Bonanza Reviews

Bonanza Reviews

I am only going pay 2 one time because I can’t close my account if I don’t pay it. Our fraud prevention team has already permanently suspended the seller that you made this purchase from and they will not be allowed on Bonanza again. The Bonanza staff members focus on the customers needs and deliver a top notch service! I highly recommend Bonanza to all those aspiring to be a good salesperson. They have the selling tools and knowledgeable people to help you to get on the right path.

  • This is not a change by PayPal, but instead a change to the integration Bonanza uses with PayPal – previously the integration was optional , but going forward it is required.
  • They claim tax is estimated, based on my zip code.
  • We are hopeful that you will receive a refund soon, and we highly recommend that you escalate your PayPal dispute to a claim, if you haven’t already.
  • Bonanza is easily a top choice for selling items online.

Then refused to refund even though I offered to return item at my own four aces mobile casino expense. Had to contact Bonanza, they were worthless/helpless to help resolve. I don’t know about this sphere a lot but I think you should read this article about rabbit alternatives. In my opinion, it should give you a clear picture of the problem.

I’m In The Hole Money Wise: four aces mobile casino

I always get great customer service from ebay… Bonanza provides no customer service; if you have an issue, they just keep sending the same „canned” response over and over… And I had one sale on Bonanza for which they charged me a 17percent fee… Then they took 25 more out of my bank account… I have addressed both of these issues with Bonanza…

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Our fraud prevention team takes its job very seriously and they do not permanently suspend accounts unless they have a good reason to. I wonder why the so-called come-back coupons aren’t available to all the sellers. I planned on contacting some of my ebay buyers and issue them a discount, but alas, can’t do this unless i pay a monthly fee. Imo this should be enabled on the invoice notwithstanding the monthly fee. For sellers, the site used to be exceptional, with speedy, human customer service. But now Bonanza has added a penalty fee for sellers who don’t purchase their shipping, which they claim is the lowest around.

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And they have real customer service people that you can talk to. Bonanza has a much smaller shopping audience, NO CUSTOMER SERVICE AT ALL, and their goal appears to be to charge sellers the most enormous fees that they can get away with. I never get online to post negative reviews… I generally get online to post about great customer service and great products… But this is just not possible with BONANZA… They are like a Phantom Selling Platform…

I will be reporting BONANZA to the BBB and to the US Attorney General’s Office. Horrible customer service, and terrible exposure for sellers. I have 4000 items listed over there thanks to their easy transport from ebay option, and I’m lucky to sell one item a month.

Talked To A Great Customer Service Rep

Bonanza Slot features an RTP of 96percent, a figure that holds its own in the competitive online slot gaming space. Freebies are unique items or services that the store decides to give away with each transaction for its buyers via a specific campaign. Be careful since many sellers don’t have reviews on Bonanza, which means you might risk yourself by investing to buy a product from those merchants. You can also indirectly contact the seller via Bonanza. That means you contact the marketplace and your issues will be reported to a seller. To handle this, let’s send them an email from the Contact link of the website.